Morrissey A-Z: "Kit"

Famous when dead

I imagine @Famous when dead might have the live version done at Alain's show unless I'm misremembering. I used to have it myself but just an mp3 on a hard drive and I don't think I could find it again. The way I remember they're both playing guitar and the crowd is really into it.
It is a nice riff and definitely would lend itself to that sort of gothic treatment.


Apologies, only just read this thread through.
Boz played live at the Fais Do Do, Los Angeles, March 22, 2002.
Alain was a special guest alongside Tim Polecat, Lyn Boorer & Dibbs Preston et al.
They sang Kit that night together. That's the time I recall the 2 of them performing it - haven't dug through HDs yet to look for audio. That said, Boz had performed it several times in '01-onwards, so it could have happened twice or more.
Definitely at this event though.
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