Morrissey A-Z: "My Love, I'd Do Anything for You"

Ketamine Sun

Good question and I can't say I have an answer if things ever really change but in relation to the song I do think there can be and has at times been a weakening of the stranglehold mainstream media holds on society. Vietnam and Iraq I think were 2 catalysts for a push against the mainstream narrative yet somehow the media ends up corralling people back into their programming. In America after the disillusionment of the Bush era/ endless war that was sold to us by media somehow the Obama era got people back on board with mainstream media. With conflicting narratives of the Covid thing, I think it's bringing back some of that desire for independent research and journalism. Basically I think the rally cry of "My Love.." is noble and could have a healing effect of sorts but idk, nonetheless, I dig the message

I pick up things, but I don’t watch TV. Is there much point in wasting our energies in complaining or trying to change media or even government?

I think real change starts with the individual from the inside, rather than looking outside of ourselves to change things, which doesn’t last or outright doesn’t work.
morrissey a-z
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