Morrissey A-Z: "Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself"

Gregor Samsa

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After the absolute f***ing dreck of the past few days, this comes as a gift from above. It’s an excellent song through and through. Like Baz says, everything about it screams beauty. The voice, the ever so quotable words, the magnificent production and the loose and airy arrangement.

Very few Morrissey songs breathes the way this one (and the rest of V&I) does. There’s space and air in the production. Far too often, he and whoever is producing choose stodginess and excess instead.

An excellent song from his most excellent album.


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"Don't rake up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are"
This is one of his best songs about "the industry" and his career. 9/10

Someone noted in Genius, the lyrics site, that these words are similar to the final lines from Jackson Browne's "These Days,' covered by Nico.
"Please don’t confront me with my failures
I had not forgotten them"

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Not much to add to what everyone else has said here. A brilliant, deceptively airy tune that hides some steely meditations on the music business and Moz’s place in it.
The tune is impressively stripped down, yet still maintains the ethereal dreaminess of many Vauxhall tracks. And it’s got a killer hook buried beneath the verses.
What else is there to say: just excellent all around.


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great song,good vocal,good lyrics.
9 glass/10 grass.


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Upper echelon piece, & absolute genius of a track. Simplistic acoustic guitar work, light touch drums, but Moz's vocals, & the way he delivers the words, totally impeccable. Well it's from Vauxhall after all so it's going to be outstanding. So many wonderful lyrics in this. Love the electric studio outtake version too. Masterpiece for sure!


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The Killers have done a nice cover of this:

Not bad, musically...but it just highlights to me that only Moz can sing this song & give it the required feeling & sincerity. This guy from the Killers is just singing 'words' without any empathy or feeling. It's totally empty.

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By 1994, he had already been stabbed in the back so many many times, that he had no skin left. What will his back look like in 2021? Nevertheless, a very fine album track on his best album (fan's view) and the electric version is great fun too. Even indie listeners (Bad Religion, Therapy?) from my vocational school class could agree on this track in the spring of 1994. Ach, those were the days when people traded CDs.
Beyond beautiful and what a contrast from yesterday's dirge.

Every line quotable, the resignation in the spirit discernible; a time when money didn't quite soften the blow of personal loss.

A majestic song.

Ben Budd

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yep, magnificent. can't say I like the live version from 2007 onwards, but 1995 was a delight


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A fine recording, but not an absolute favourite for me simply because I don't care for songs about the industry.

I think it shows again the strong instincts that Morrissey often exhibits, as the original rockier version would have been much less impressive.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 19th from 264 solo songs.
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