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Hi, I have been trying to find a recent thread about where to buy Morrissey bootlegs and haven't been able to track any down. I am. In the market to buy and was wondering a couple things. First where can I find them, and second, what is the going rate? I don't want to rip someone off if they want a bid and at the same time don't want to get ripped off. Any help would be great. Thanks.


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I have a CD of Digital Excitation, which is 18 tracks from Hammersmith Apollo on the Kill Uncle tour. Excellent sound quality, but I believe it is not the complete gig. Feel free to message me with an offer, or to not do so if not interested.
I would be interested in that but like I said, I don't even know what a good price is for a bootleg. I don't want to lowball you and at the same time don't want to get ripped off. What would be a fair price to you? How much did you buy it for?


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I have a ton of bootlegs I purchased in the 90's - but most are available for free on YouTube or torrent download sites now. No reason to purchase.
Thanks a lot for the information about downloading them. I have downloaded a ton of shows and they sound great. But I am looking to boost me bootleg collection of silver pressings. I have Higher Education, Dreams I'll Never See, Nothing To Declare But My Jeans, and Digital Excitation...
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