Morrissey Brazil dates confirmed -

Morrissey Brazil dates -

12 June 2013

Morrissey Brazil dates

Morrissey is confirmed for the following shows:

Tuesday July 30 SAO PAULO (Brazil) Credicard Hall, cap 7,000

Friday August 2 BRASILIA (Brazil) Espaco Iguatemi, cap 6,000

Sunday August 4 RIO DE JANEIRO (Brazil) CitiBank Hall, cap 7,000


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I'm glad that these dates are announced as confirmed! It's wonderful for the fans in Brazil. It's nice for him that he can fill big venues like that! Seeing video from the last tour in Brazil, the fans seemed so in to's wonderful.:)

I hope this tour goes well and Moz can get back to the US, there were soooo many dates missed. :pray:


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Aw makes me think about Bloke In Blue (Rodrigo)<3 ...:( He lived in Brazil. Morrissey Must be playing or getting ready just about now. Sing your life Morrissey!


So much for: "There are presently no plans for any further shows for 2013." Sit tight, y'all.

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Great news! I'm looking forward to all the reviews! :)

Fernando Coelho

Essa não posso perder, moro a +- 500 km dos lugares escolhidos pela produção de Moz, mas vou certo fazer um grande sacrifício e ver Moz de pertinho. Bjsss

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Congrats South America. He loves you, you love him.

Looking forward to some cracking new songs. And Johnny on hand to play the Smiths stuff (j/k).




Sorry for the following comment:
Considering how huge Brazil is and the number of people who would certainly attend the gigs, why only 3 dates for Brazil and ****** 7 ****** for Chile ?????? No Belo Horizonte, no Porto Alegre, never Recife or Salvador, truly incredible!
Impossible for many of us to travel to the South: work bonds, shortage of time + $$$$ etc.

T4F c'mon, send Morrissey to the Northeast part of this Isle.
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