morrissey frink appreciation thread!


muggle, first order
i appreciate it.
like alot.
maybe a little too much.

viva mozzy frink!


May I add that the "morrissey frink thread!" is the very essence of this site's existence! :eek:


pirate wench
Greatest. Thread. Ever.


I am less than nothing
issy - its a thread that should be studied - often


muggle, first order
its from the libertines....its a cross between frisky and kinky

and sphinx, i think more than once daily is a must. doctors orders


I am less than nothing
and sphinx, i think more than once daily is a must. doctors orders

thanks Dr. issy - although I was worried about side effects:D


muggle, first order
what are your side effects?
(warm fuzzy feelings are natural, tis mozzy after all)


muggle, first order
yeah...he is just extremely sexy, don't you think?
and the frink is just to highlight the fact
and enjoy it

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....mozzy ;)

Scarlet Ibis

The Chicken of D.C.
I think of the frink thread as a daily tonic. I'm just not fully myself until I've had my dose.

I think Morrissey should call his next album "Frink Thread".


Angel of Distemper
The Morrissey frink thread is miraculous - every time I view it, I lose myself in the contemplation of male perfection. there can no longer be any doubt about it, he was the most seductive man of the 20th century (and he's not doing so badly in the 21st century, either).

Well done ladies, gentlemen.

Oh, Mmmmmmmmmorrissey!


New Member
that thread has turned me into a lunatic. it's worse than heroin. I need my daily fix of the 'sexy beast'....

English Heart

Initiate Me
I start frothing at the mouth if it hasn't been updated...and if it has. ;)

drowning girl

Team Tseng
I study (believe me, I really do) the frink thread at least 3 or 4 times a week. I can´t live without this thread and I even waste my money in internet cafés when I am neither at home nor at work.

Salad Days

I don't mind
More love for the frink thread, it has been my friend through many weeks of frustratingly fruitless job hunting. Now I have found work, and I believe that it was down to the magical power of frink.

Thank you frink thread, and all who post in her!



I love it.Don`t know where you guys get all the pics from as when I do a search I don`t come up with much.What happened to CecideMorrissey?.She loved the frink thread.
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