Morrissey listening habits.


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I've been a Morrissey fan for a few years now and I wouldn't say I'm obsessed but I'm a huge fan and I listen to him every day.

It struck me today that there is a pattern in my Morrissey listening habits.

When I'm in a good mood and everything seems to be floating along nicely I'm more of a casual listener, by that I mean I'll listen to Morrissey as I'm getting on with something like uni work or cooking or whatever.

However when I'm stressed out or feeling a bit depressed the first thing I do is put on a Morrissey/Smiths LP and engross myself in it these are the times I'd say that I'm almost obsessive in that I'll study lyrics and dredge through interviews and just sit and listen for ages, it starts to take over my head a bit. (I find "Rubber Ring" to be a regular choice at these times :) )

It's almost like I use Morrissey like therapy, which sounds a bit odd I know, but does anybody else find this pattern?

If I seem a little strange well that's because I am.....


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this makes sense completely. i definately get deep into his music when i get the chances to.

i'm very much the same in the way that i'll casually listen to his music while doing homework, etc. But if I have the time, or if i'm feeling down, i'll sit down and read the lyrics as i listen. even if i know the lyrics by heart i like reading them because the song forms a kind of story in my head as i read along to lyrics and a lot of the time i'll create pictures or "a movie" that goes along with it. it really lets me get a deep understanding of the song and of morrissey. sometimes ill come up with several scenarios and i usually imagine what kind of situation or feeling morrissey had when he wrote the song.

it sure gets my imagination going ;) :)

and i love reading interviews while listening to the music and making connections and things like that.


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That's what is all about really, to share the music, to be freed, to feel that expression of emotions weither it be happy or sad......


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i feel like moz fits any mood i'm in and i can listen to him anytime -- but different days most definitely make for more intense listening than others. and there are stretches of time depending on how i feel where i don't listen to ANYTHING else...
whatever songs i'm really really into at a certain moment can't be listened to casually though!


There isn`t a single day when I don`t listen to him.I can get the housework done double speed if I`m listening.I listen at work as well.I`ve been really down lately and I can`t listen to Will Never Marry and I`ll never Be Anybody`s Hero without supressing a big sob!!He has the ability in his music to make me both happy and sad at the same time which has never happened with any other music.I find his music so uplifting,even when sometimes the songs are downbeat which I cannot explain.

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Yes, it is bizarre but I have Moz listening habits too.

If I'm happy its generally ROTT I go for, or Your Arsenal, Glamorous Glue specifically, or Hatful of Hollow.

But more specific is if I'm feeling at all in need of direct Morrissey therapy; then its straight to Jack the Ripper, Trouble Loves Me, Disappointed, I Know Its Over. I instantly feel soothed by them, that familiar voice that I have had in my life for over 20 years, the i-pod becomes more like a life support machine at those times. "Crash into my arms..."

So isn't the power of music AMAZING... and Morrissey would be the first to agree...
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