Morrissey on Broadway - May 2–11 residency (Lunt-Fontanne Theatre) - Playbill

Morrissey, the British singer-songwriter whose baritone voice has become part of the cultural fabric, will come to Broadway.

The former frontman of The Smiths will play Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in residency May 2–11 in conjunction with the release of his latest album, a collection of '60s and '70s covers titled California Son, set to drop May 24 through Étienne Records/BMG.

Tickets go on sale March 8 at

An anonymous person posted the link with the promo image / dates (May 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11):

Morrissey Announces Broadway Residency - Broadway World

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Ticketmaster still hasn't put prices up but I have a hard time seeing $279 being face value of orchestra seats


fyi: there is a four ticket limit for today's presale. it says so on the ticketmaster site.


There are many ticket platforms.
Not even Morrissey can be held accountable for all the ways available to purchase a ticket. That's ultimately down to the buyer to decide isn't it?
The link provided was for people using Live Nation as a ticket supplier (with related presale codes).
As mentioned earlier, the Morrisseyofficial site is promoting a link to Ticketmaster, but there will be a vast array of sellers & resellers in the next few days.
The FB 'official' page links to the same place. Messages... site provides no link at all.
I'd tend to agree re: a consistent message, but I suspect they feel they are probably giving one. I miss the the days of TTY for official tour info, but those days are definitely gone. Now it's more about the interrelationships between what Moz tells Sam, 'Management', official 'marketing' and who posts what where rather than a one stop information site.
Makes sense


Jesus christ, there are 2000 people, ie bots in front of me for the preasale.

Same. Never seen something like this before in my life and I've bought my fair share of tickets.


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Burning Man does the same queue but its now jumped me ahead a bit.

Only 1275 people now.

I know they are trying to prevent bots, but the bots can be programmed and I don't have faith in Ticketbastard keeping them out.


What a shit show. I tried on both my computer and the app and couldn't get in before they sold out.

Anyone able to get it work? They should have required a presale code to get INTO the queue...


the sanest days are mad..
By the time I got to the front of the queue it was already sold out for both saturday dates.



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I queued with "only" 90 people ahead of me but by the time I got to ticketing they said my date was sold out, so that was fun. Couldn't even have two windows open without them flagging me for being a bot, so relied on one date and got jack


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It took me about three minutes to understand the "verify" thing, I am too slow, seems I won't get tickets.
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