Morrissey pictured in Marfa, TX (24 September, 2019) - Morrissey Central

MARFA, TEXAS. - Morrissey Central
September 26, 2019

Morrissey in Marfa, Texas. 24 September 2019.
Photographs by Donnie Knutson.
Marfa is the location for the James Dean film "Giant" (1956).



Donnie Knutson is the current Tour Manager.
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Sure do. He still has quite a bit, and I’m glad he isn’t dying it pitch black like Marr as if he’s still 23. Anyway, it’s all a matter of opinion and I’m sure Moz could care less what we think of his hair, anyway.
Maher wears a wig. But I always felt that men should dye their hair more cause grey hair really looks bad and it is not charming at all but some believe that old comment used by some to be nice to people.

Any man that loses their hair a bit should shave it all off. A clean shaved head removes a lot of years and you never age at all from that point.

He's always been a skinhead at heart anyway.


The worst thing with hair like his is that it always looks so dirty and greasy even when it's not.


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I reckon that is not a California Bear!! That is a Mank Bear! I reckon the bear is the mascot for Mank City Hogwarts United kickball team! Sir Moz would never be in California, let alone live in California or may the queen's name have been BORN there. Just because he was in the smiths for 3 years in a foreign country and calls himself the CALIFORNIA SON definitely means he is a true Mank Brittin lad! Reckon he got a huge quick profit margin for 6 months from the mporium uk from wearing that little "for brittin pin", so now he can make the yearly trip to Disneyland with Aunt Nancy and lil' Sammy and stay at the VIP Mickey Mouse Suite at the Disneyland Hotel in style m8 inn nnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnn n nnnnn n it chipper curry c*** wacker tit. Thanks foreigners!!!


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We're both born-and-raised Californians, and celebrate our love for The Golden State with this cute California Bear soft enamel pin! Measures 1" tall, comes with a black rubber clutch.

nephew of sam

Hair is looking fine for a man of his age -but give another month, and we'll have a glorious mullet for sure.


You should study how vitamin c needs iron as one example and you really had no idea that all the things we need interact in a quite complicated way. Animals can produce their own vitamin c but humans store only a precious little amount and piss out the rest so we need to take it all the time.
The amount of people with wrinkles is not something that is a natural side effect from ageing cause it is entirely down to lack of vitamin c or people killing their vitamin c with tobacco smoking and drinking alcohol to name but two examples.
You mancs for all your lust for life and partying really are the most stupid people I've ever come across with mothers marinated in G&T living in drafty shit homes with pipes on the outside of the house going "it's alright" sounding like some old witch.


Well, it fooking isn't alright.

I’m not from Manchester.....or even Lancashire. Never said I was.
So, anyway, I was vegetarian for 30 years and celebrated by going vegan.
I’ve always enjoyed excellent health and never spent a day in hospital or missed a day of work through illness.
I have great skin and teeth and have produced three very healthy children.
Watch the documentaries “Earthlings” and “Dominion” and see if that makes you think.
If you feel nothing watching them then you win and guess I’m the loser.

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Which member of the tour party is the serial graffiti artist...?

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Yeah, I always thought it was just graffiti he stumbled upon, but obviously not. We would assume it was Morrissey who made up what to spray, but would Morrissey really say ‘Rock never dies!’ ?

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