Morrissey's Christmas Albam out early December


Oh well...enough said
Cover of classic Christmas songs....cannot be Morrissey....
Cheers Moz


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I can vouch for Marty c and I know he's also releasing another 3 tracks related to xmas, these are:

It Is Christmas
Chrismas Time
& Christmas Christmas
Hearth a Person
The Edges Are Snow Longer Parallel


I want a boy for Christmas
Santa please come up my chimney
Feed the Scousers - let them know it's Christmas time
It'll be lonely this Christmas


The If
Still Elves
How Soon Is Christmas?
Paint A Yuletide Picture
Frankly, Mr. Kringle
Reel Around The Mistletoe
Rudolf Ruffians
This Jolly Man

Harsh Truth

Ever Felt Had?
There is a Bulb That Will Never Light Up (On This Vile String of Lights from Marks and Spencer)
Santa Will Come in the End
We Hate it When Our Relatives Come for Christmas
Is There is a Place at the Bar Where I Can Get Away from My Friends?
The Children are Afraid of Their Uncle
I Hate You (*lead single)
I'm Throwing My Arms Around the Toilet (Eggnog Waltz)
The Lazy Regifters
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Post went downhill after 'Harry Balz' lol, good one though.
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