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Listening to the live on television version of "The Boy Racer" from 1995, kindly posted by robg1979.

Something I've noticed before, but don't recall being discussed here is that Morrissey's voice during the SG and Maladjusted time period seems more nasally than on songs before and after that period. You can here it both on record and in concert recording from that period. A great example of this is "Nobody Loves Us".

Any idea what the story with that was? Some sort of a ear/nose/throat issue? A deliberate attempt to sing in a lower key? Just part of the natural transition of his singing voice, which as we all know has gotten deeper over the years.
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Yes, it's pretty dramatic - Morrissey's voice was noticeably "thin" during this period. I think it actually detracts from "Nobody Loves Us" (which is one of his greatest vocal lines). I've also wondered what happened during those years - depression can take a physical toll. Perhaps he was just plain tired out.

By the time he came back with "Quarry" I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and power of his voice. I hadn't listened to him in ages, and to my ears he sounded like a new man.


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I think Lillywhite spoke to it in various Mozipedia entries. He said Morrissey often had head colds/sinus issues during that period, which was worsened by his reliance on cheese and dairy in his diet.

I'd venture that his emotional state further compounded the issue.


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the mid-90s. Britpop, banter, Loaded and cocaine. Mozzer loved it all


Unfortunately (in my view) he came back with YATQ sporting a very strange vocal pronunciation - slowed down, over-emphasising each word as if he was compensating for a lack of clarity. Hearing problems maybe?
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