Netflix's Daybreak Can't Escape Its Huge Morrissey Problem - CBR

Another article about how progressive and open-minded people shouldn't listen to Morrissey anymore, this time from the pop culture website, Comic Book Resources:

Netflix's Daybreak Can't Escape Its Huge Morrissey Problem - CBR
by Renaldo Matadeen



"Sing Your Life" clip posted by an anonymous person:

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I won't say sorry for spelling errors that are the fabrication of moderators on here, one or perhaps a few of them change my posts all the time here and there changing letters which shows their insecure level.

The earlier post is a more perfect example of their work on here. I wish David would have more pride than to hire utter morons who failed in life. But a well educated man like him doesn't have such high standards after all so again education means nothing and tells you nothing about a person.

Moderators are really the first people we should replace with new technique that is already out there but for David it makes sense that they hire people in far east asia to press buttons in elevators/lifts.

Why are subspecies unable to protect others from their cough when the japanese wear protection when they have a cold?

Studies some chinese people in Stockholm and realised why Moz labelled them like he did. They cough and fart and laugh and scream and burp and so on. Awful people who under communism learned a disregard for others and manners was probably anti communist behaviour.

I think we should appreciate the bourgeoisie and middle class more not to mention the proper upper class people.
Find the moderators work in the above post!

In the future I wish to bump into some of the mods here. I doubt we would do much talking. When I called one of them she hung up on me.

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