Never Heard Symphonies (updated, resequenced, etc) -2018-


Just going back to the downloading issue, I experienced this yesterday. Currently I have access to 2 broadband lines at home. I realised I was hooked into sky broadband when I had this issue. So I merely switched to virgin media on the same browser and hey presto the download worked without the block referring to a track being available on Amazon. So that made me think the issue was linked to the internet service provider and not the browser. We will see what further experiences and fixes are found by those enjoying these great downloads.
The Queen is Dead era

EDIT 1-31-18:
Regarding the third part of this set, I have added a live version of Meat Is Murder from a performance in Liverpool, 1986, in which Morrissey sings additional lyrics toward the end. The words are generally interpreted to be an early draft of the lyrics to Unhappy Birthday.

Many thanks to Famous When Dead for sharing the track. Here is his original post.

2-7-18 amendment pack here


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Famous when dead

Quick question - are the 4 tracks in the amendment pack any different to the same 4 tracks in the original download which already seems to have them in?

Apologies for the question but I was slightly confused. Many thanks.
Because Work edit was slotted in to the collection, Mr. J. has included renumbered versions of the same tracks.
Nothing's different except 3 tracks now have different numbers.
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