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Some biggish news for Joy Division fans:

Joy Division / New Order Rehearsals CD supplied by Steve Morris

Interesting post on JD Central:-

...apparently the CD was supplied by Steve Morris and contains an unreleased Joy Division track "Pictures in my mind" - would love to hear this !

"Greetings, I have been waiting 3 months to post this information, that is the biggest new Joy Division news in a very long time. I had to wait, to verify if the recordings in question were indeed the real thing or a hoax.
On Sept 9, I received a email from a friend of mine, who lives in England, I live in America, informing me he has a CD I might be interested in. He informed me he had received a email from his friend, who had received a CD of Warsaw, Joy Division, and New Order rehearsal recordings straight from Stephen Morris himself. This is the following set list I received, in that email.
"Hello, I've got this CD from Steve Morris (no less!) of rehearsals from Warsaw through to New Order which I thought you might be interested in. The set-list is as follows:

Warsaw Rehearsals: Manchester: 1977
01. At A Later Date
02. (Waiting For The) Ice Age
03. Inside The Line
04. Warsaw
05. Failures (Of The Modern Man)
06. No Love Lost [Instrumental]
Warsaw Rehearsals: Manchester: 1978
07. Pictures In My Mind I
08. Pictures In My Mind II
09. Shadowplay (Instrumental)
Joy Division Rehearsals: Prestwich: 1980
10. In A Lonely Place
11. In A Lonely Place
12. In A Lonely Place (Instrumental)
13. In A Lonely Place
14. In A Lonely Place (Instrumental)
15. In A Lonely Place
16. Ceremony
New Order Rehearsals: Manchester: 1980
17. Mesh #1
18. Mesh #2
19. Mesh #3
20. Homage
21. Procession

It's all on 1 CD and the quality varies but as a collector's item ..."

As you can imagine, I was more than excited, I was freaking out. I told him to send me a copy right away! I was not sold on it, and thought it was probably a mix of New Order rehearsals, and normal JD songs. Well, to make a long story short, my friend had some personal problems, and I didn't get the CD for 3 months. I got it today, 12/17/09, around noon. As you can imagine, I was more than excited. Upon opening the package of about 7 Cd's' the Rehearsals CD had a note attached to it, that read:

"Rehearsal Tape From Stephen Morris Collection. Enjoy Mate. A true rarity this one, so please do not distribute as I had to promise only to copy to a very, very select few, and as you have proved yourself to be a true fan and friend, you were one of the few! Send me a email when you get this".

At this point, I know I have something very special and I am starting to let myself believe this could be real. I mean, 6 version of "In A lonely Place", and a new song, no-one has ever heard or mentioned, "Pictures In My Mind", it was hard to believe. I put the CD in and listened; going straight to song 10. I was blown away to hear Ian Curtis singing, and a very different version of "In A Lonely Place". The rehearsals are real, and they truly came from Stephen Morris himself, and I will tell you how my friend got it. Of the 6 versions of "In A Lonely Place", one was the one on H&S, but was complete. I can indeed confirm, that "In A Lonely Place" was NEVER recorded over and was instead cut short for reasons of taste. I almost cried hearing Ian sing that last verse, and I was shaking with excitement. I will cover this CD song by song, but first this is how and why I received this great honor. After listening to the CD, and calming myself down, I sat down and emailed my buddy, and this is what he said.

"I thought you'd enjoy that little treat ;o) f**kin great isnt it! and f**kin rare. We dont mind you telling anyone about it or indeed even sending them a small snippett if you need to prove its existence to anyone for any reason but like i say, please dont distribute the whole thing as we dont want it getting into the wrong hands. I personally have only given it to 6 people worldwide and you are one of them, so you are one of the privileged few lol. I had a guy offer me £250 for a copy just last week but turned him down, he then came back 2 days later and offered £400 and i said no again as i know he would try and sell it on. This is a very special CD so we are just trying to keep it to the people who fully appreciate it to be honest. As for where i got it, well it actually came from a friend of mine who i have been trading live music with for many many years, he himself is a huge joy division and new order fan and ended up bumping into Stephen Morris in stockport and consequently on a boozy night out with him which ended up back at Stephens house. My mate said there was just piles and piles of rare recordings on CD in the house and Stephen, realizing what a big fan my mate was, generously told him he could pick any one CD to copy, just one out of the whole collection and after some very serious thought and deliberation this is the CD my mate chose, A very good choice too i think. Thankfully, as i am pretty well respected and trusted, he sent me a copy straight over when he got back home. I would love to know what other recordings he had at the house! bet there was some more gems! Glad you enjoyed it anyway, i can see you just sent me a message so i'll sign this email off now!"

Here is my breakdown of the CD...........I will use the same Sound-Quality breakdown Joy Division Central uses for gigs, so you all have something to consult..


...................Joy Division Rehearsals: Prestwich: 1980.............................
10. In A Lonely Place.........."form what I can tell, this is the very first version of In A Lonely Place, alternate version, the synthesizers are different, mostly drum driven, Ian's vocals are completely different then the ones on H&S, not only are the lyrics different but the construction is different, lyrics are slightly muffled all the way through but you can hear that Ian's voice is beautiful, slight tape hiss, Ian sings to the end on and off, the best I can tell its a rough working version and most likely the 1st version, even through the lyrics are a little low in the mix the music underneath sounds great, drums are different to H&S version, no guitar at climax of song like with New Order version, sound quality= 9, total time 7.50".
11. In A Lonely Place.........."Closer to the normal version but still like the 1st version, this one is slower then the one before, you can see how the song is progressing, the drum pattern is starting sound like the H&S version, the synthesizers are somewhat close to the H&S version, guitar is add but is rough, the guitar is added during the many climax's of this the longest version of the 6, Ian's vocals are slightly muffled and hard to make out but the music underneath sounds great, the construction of the lyrics is still like the 1st version, Ians humms at the end which is beautiful, very menacing synthesizers at end, soundqulaity= 9, total time 10.02".
12. In A Lonely Place (Instrumental)..........."Same as above, but is very short, sound quality 9, total time .36".
13. In A Lonely Place........."this version is very close to the version on H&S, lyrics are crystal clear, first version with the lyrics that we all know with same structure the only difference is Ian only sings the last part of each block of lyrics "How I Wish You Were Here With Me Now" on the 2nd bock of lyrics and not the 1st and 3rd, this version they are working on the guitar part at the climax that is found on New Order's version, end is different to one found on New Order Version extended climax, its very powerful, Ian again like the previous version humms at the end which is so amazing and beautiful, litte tape hiss, sound quality= 9+, total time 7.32".
14. In A Lonely Place (Instrumental)..........."This version was a huge surprise when I found this is not a instrument like listed and is a complete version with Ian singing, this version is basically the structure they wanted and its pretty much just like the New Order version and H&S version, this is pretty much a normal version and is unlike the alternate version before, lyrics are crystal clear, Ian sings the vocals we all know and love and here unlike the above version has added the "How I Wish You Where Here With Me Now" at the end of all 3 blocks of lyrics, they are still working on the guitar part during the climax, drums are loud in the mix and remind me of The Cure's masterpiece Pornography, this version is so powerful I could barely handle it, this version is beautiful, drums and guitar are slightly different after the lyrics are finished, they have it where they want it basically, lyrics are crystal clear, soundqaulity= 9+, total time 5.41".
15. In A Lonely Place........."This is the same version used on H&S but it is complete, yes that is right IT IS COMPLETE, this version and the version before are so powerful and beautiful and menacing all it the same time, the synthesizers are amazing at the end, this version is like the New Order version after Ian completes the 3rd block of lyrics, the sound-quality is f**king amazing, lyrics are crystal clear, the drums get much deeper after the last block of lyrics leading to the climax, sound quality= 9+, total time 5.20".
16. Ceremony..........."This is the same version used on H&S but it sounds a little cleaner, the bass and guitar are a little sharper, the drums are a little deeper, the lyrics are a little clearer but not completely clear, this may be remastered, sound quality= 9+, total time 4.15".

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