"One Of Ours" Jennifer who met Morrissey backstage on Friday has passed away

Dear Morrissey-Solo-

Thank you all for your well wishes to Jennifer and her family. An amazing update to this story. Jennifer fought hard to stay well enough to attend a recent Morrissey show in LA. Morrissey asked her to come back stage, where she met her hero. He was very kind and loving to her, just as you would hope our man would be. The day after the show, Jennifer's health deteriorated and she was taking to the hospital where she is now in the intensive care unit. We are all so grateful that she could have this moment with Morrissey. A special thank you to her husband Eamon who persevered and, somehow, got a message to Morrissey about Jennifer.

Below is a message from Eamon and a photo of the visit.

My beautiful wife... her dream came true on Friday when she met her hero and idol, Moz...
she always said she would never meet Morrissey in her life time yet here she is... she didn't let anything stop her.
Thank you Morrissey for being an absolute gentleman... Kind and respectful and super suave.

Viva Moz and Viva Jen


UPDATE Nov. 8, 4:00 PM PT

From Andy-Mats:

I'm so sad to say that Jennifer passed away today. She held on to meet Morrissey. I am very sad but I am grateful that she got to meet him. She held on to meet Morrissey. I am very sad but I am grateful that she got to meet him.


Hello my friends,

I have a very good friend of mine who is a massive morrissey fan that is very sick. She actually turned me onto morrissey and the smiths in 1992. She unfortunately has stage four cancer and is fighting for her life in LA. I know she would appreciate hearing from fellow fans. Feel free to drop an encouraging note here for her to see or feel free to visit her Facebook page and leave a comment.

Here's her page:

To read more about her story, feel free to visit a page some of her good friends put together:

Thank you to all the gentle and kind souls reading this....

Your old friend-


UPDATE Nov. 11:

Morrissey dedicated "One Of Our Own" to Jennifer at the Irvine concert on Nov. 9. Link posted by an anonymous person in the post-show thread:

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thanks for posting! nice to see her looking happy with our moz. meaningful moments are what makes a life worth living. (also what a great coat)


Hope you had a great night Jen ! :guitar:
Love and best kindest wishes X

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife::thumb:


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Note from Andy-Mats:

I'm so sad to say that Jennifer passed away today. She held on to meet Morrissey. I am very sad but I am grateful that she got to meet him. She held on to meet Morrissey. I am very sad but I am grateful that she got to meet him.


Oh my god, this just made me extremely sad :( My thoughts and prayers are with the familly at this rough time.
What comforts me is that, at least, she met Morrissey and had a precious time with him. Rest in peace, Jennifer. ♥
My goodness, this is absolutely devastating. My thoughts go out to her husband and family. Rest in peace Jennifer.

This is truly beautiful for Moz to have given her this before her passing.

hand in glove

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Oh, I'm so so sorry to hear she's passed away. A very touching and bittersweet story.

My thoughts are with Jennifer's family and friends.


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Don't know what to say other than to express my condolences to friends and family Kudos to Morrissey for making the time to meet with her. Just a few mins in his life but a dream come true for her.


So sad to know she passed away. I'm quite sure she lived many happy moments, especially the one with Moz on Friday. He is always very kind and gentle :blushing:
My thoughts are with her family :praying:


Those who don't know, don't know, they don't know.
Very nice thing for Morrissey to give her. He genuinely looks like he is happy to be sitting next to her.
May she be at peace, and may her family and loved ones, too, also, be in peace.


its not me its you.
very sad.she got to meet her hero and must have been wonderful for her.morrissey kind and genle as always.


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RIP to you dear Jennifer. And my love & condolences to your family & friends. What a special wish granted and thankful for who ever made it happen.


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Wishing healing for all who loved her. Glad to see she was given a joyful capstone to her too-short life.
Godspeed, Jennifer.

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