Paris tickets wanted


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Anyone have a couple of spare tickets for L'Olympia??

Or anyone give me any advice on getting my hands on any, having not been to a concert out of the UK before I'd appreciate any information, will there likely be returns? Do you think the touts will be after a lot of money for them?

Ta, Emma


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hey emma!
nice to see you again

unfortunatly this time i can't offer you any 'exclusivity' :p

i'm also hunting after a ticket. how many do you need?
if i hear anything i will tell you!
can you keep me also informed?

hugs from germany


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Oh Hi :)

Looking for two tickets, do you think they'll have returns? I don't know whether to book a bus or not, I'm guessing by the strike of 12 my bargain £60 return to Paris will become far more expensive :(


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i don't know. was thinking about going there by train and driving back next morning... i really can't decide if i want to take the risk of not getting in and spending the whole night wasted in paris.

i will try to call the venue tomorrow morning - or maybe i'll let someone call who speaks french.
i'll keep you updated what they say

so? you only had tickets for the canceled shows? damn...
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