Peepholism...Excellent condition

slum mum 1974

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I paid a small fortune for mine, coz i knew no better. But it was money well spent.:)I'm happy i have a copy


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This book is definitely a must have for the collector. Jo Slee worked with The Smiths and Moz for years. Very sweet and kind woman. As I understand there were only 1000 hardback covers issued. I am not sure how many soft covers there were, but there has only been one pressing of the book and I doubt there will be another. Beau, anything to add to that?? Cheers!


Overall I don't think it sold very well. I knew someone who bought a stack on the clearance table of a Barnes & Noble type giant bookseller. I bought my hardbound version right here on the M-Solo Marketplace for like 15 quid from a nice UK girl.

I heard that Jo Slee herself only got 2 copies of the hardbound.
I picked mine up from a clearance book shop, they had stacks of them (bugger eh) so I suppose they probably pulped what was left because it does take up quite some shelf space compared to the usual trash they have.
I haven't got a hardback though unfortunately, bit like rockin horse shit these days.
I'm hoping I've done a Beau & shakin the tree by that last comment? ;)
C'mon ebayers get them out!




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I just bought one! (from an ebay-like dutch secondhand site) for only 60 euro that is about 40 pounds. So I consider myself lucky!


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I purchased a softcover for about US$120 several months ago from eBay, and it was well worth the money I paid as it is in brilliant condition. I've seen others go from anywhere between 50 and 75 Pounds Sterling there.
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