"Please, Please, Please..." cover by Puggy & Aline On The Roof


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
That drawn out long winded painful version is almost as bad as the name of their band. The singer looks like he has bowel trouble. Yet another crap cover version. Is that the useless actor from Twilight in the green bargain-bin suit? They all need new tailors and a new line of work.


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
I blame the John Lewis advert for the trend of taking songs and making them breathy and twee as f***. Awful.
Never a truer word spoken. I would buy a screwdriver and use it on my eardrums rather than listen to that car crash cover version in its entirety.


That fake "I'm tortured but let me muster up the strength to sing this song" type female vocal has had it's day, and it wasn't even a good day to start with. I had to stop it after she sang the first line. Twee hipster shit.


team bougatsa
i kinda liked it, but not as a smiths cover


Forever Ill
not my cup of tea, this cover, stopped about half a minute

I love the original Smiths song a lot, and this song has been used so many times as a cover, it's time to give it a rest.
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Quando quando quando

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So, no they won't get what they want. Tragic.
The almighty Lord is running a sadistic universe and you are welcome in it.
By the way, has Moz actually said what he wanted?
And if he received it? For the first time?

Quando quando quando

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For some uneducated hooligan to accept his love.

Could be, could be.
Nothing wrong with that, I would say.
But it is a bit too general.
Nevertheless, I hope he is happy and whatever uneducated hooligan it concerns he should feel lucky!
cover the smiths

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