POLL: Life you would pick

Life - Morrissey or Marr

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  • Marr

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Ok, I don't want their lives, I like mine and want to keep it. I mean really, I'll often say that if we all throw our problems in a pile, I'd still pick mine out of the pile. Grateful.

If, and it's a theoretical only If, if you had to choose between the two, who's life would you rather have, Morrissey or Johnny Marr's

I'd take Marr's any day. Works with others, long term relationships, parent, etc.

This does not diminish my liking the music of moz, this is life only
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Wife, kids, money and respectability...
A cheese and liquor diet and all the gay sex I can handle...

This is going to be a toughie.


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Probably Marr, he seems a lot happier, he has a lot of dignity looks healthier and has a gorgeous guitar collection.


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Are we keeping our own perspective in the deal? Morrissey always struck me as the sort not content with his gifts. He has a lot going for him, but if you didn't see those qualities in yourself to appreciate them you won't gain anything by having his life. Sure having his money and talent would sweeten my own life, but then it's his life really. I'm now upset over criticism on Morrissey solo and chart placements. It's awfully sad to realise having those things you list you would assume would make you different won't change a thing. That's my take on him and it's deeply depressing to think about it when trying to motivate myself .

Marr is talented and also seems content to boot. On the other hand, I'm probably wrong about Morrissey. This might be what his being happy looks like.


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Wife, kids, money and respectability...
A cheese and liquor diet and all the gay sex I can handle...

This is going to be a toughie.

Dude, you are pretty funny sometimes.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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good poll Uno :thumb: interesting that Marr is winning here

as for me, I too chose Marr, though I far more love Morrissey's post Smiths songs then I do Marr's* :o
put my vote down to a couple of things, one time I met Marr in an L.A. club called "Underground" many a year ago, he was seemed like a normal person
all be it one with an incredible talent that any would envy him for having :guitar:
that I could imagine being, you know, another version of me, but rather than being gr8 at

instead playing guitar like a god** :love:
that I could get behind :)
however, given all that Moz has to live up to with his fandom :crazy: & that quality of "vulnerability" which he projects :eek:
no, no, thats not for me :straightface:

*=but Electronic was awesome
**=no, seriously, he is one of my fave guitarist of all time, more than once he has made songs I'm like "meh" about sound good to me
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