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Next week's Disturbed concert has been canceled. :mad:

Where is the FML thread???

Jackie London

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I met a friend who I hadn't meet for a very long time today. It reminded me about why I hadn't meet her for such a long time.


My secret's my enzyme.
The Chilean Miner Rescue is making me go :tears: in good way.

(My toothache the other night made me go :tears::tears::tears: in panicy way.)


My secret's my enzyme.

Black Cloud

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Assuming you mean dearest yesitis, then yes. He has no choice in the matter ;)

I was unaware of this mind baby invention. Why are we not millionaires? WHY??

It's brilliant. I've even used that one at work. People who have them recognize the term immediately.


My secret's my enzyme.
So I was driving in Orange County last weekend and on the radio I heard an advertisement for a women's clinic that specializes in drug rehibilitation in the back bay of Newport Beach, I believe. It was called "New Directions." My brain is so tired I heard "Nude Erections." :squiffy: I wonder if they know that, or if I should tell them? :confused:


一日三秋 (yírìsānqiū)
I don't understand people. Wtf am I supposed to do about construction at work? "I had to walk to the counter (It was flipped around during construction) and wait in line! I don't want this sandwich!" Then give it to me, I'll throw it in the f***ing trash and you can go to Wawa tomorrow and shut the f*** up all in my business.

Christ Almighty...

tell me about it:rolleyes:

Jackie London

♥ Howlin' Pelle
Billy Scissors is a very, very evil man who has made me addicted to watching The Jeremy Kyle Show. I'm going to watch today's episode on the on demand now. This is probably going to end with someone having to take the telly away.


Hey Billy, I maybe in a new Chester band, I really hope it works as I want to bring C86 back to Chester and the UK...Apparently we're going to be a "geek" band too, so I'm not complaining as long as we don't do anything too heavy, unless it's shoegazing! Otherwise this guy in his 40s apparently wants to pick me up and take me to his "studio"....I actually think it's his house, but who knows eh?


My secret's my enzyme.
I'm not sure why I know this, I think I read it somewhere, but I'm pretty sure The Airborne Toxic Event's self-titled debut CD and LP is out now and I heard, though can't confirm for sure, that it features the track "Sometime Around Midnight."

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