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I spose this should be in the misheard lyrics thread but i cant be arsed looking.In Lifeguard on duty,what does he sing after "And ive always been so kind to the sick and to the ???? Its bugging me

partially blind.

!Viva Hate!

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Started what we call Reception, first grade next year and so on...I know it's a cliche, but time sure has flown by for my 'baby'.

Aww. :)

I'm sure it will be a little rough at first being in a strange place for hours on end with new seem to adapt far better and faster than adults though.

He'll be graduating before you know it.


I can smell leeks cooking from the kitchen. I'm getting soup I think?


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Life is improving.
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They should have captured and put on trial Osame Bin Laden. Not just killed him. He gets away with not having to account
for himself. Anyway, that's just my opinion.
Great to be back in here again.


Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
I think my depression made its comeback since Monday. At first, I thought I got over it, then it just came back. Right now all I feel is nothing but fatigue, remorse, pain, and loss of interest, energy, and even appetite. It just hurts me so much that I wish I could make it disappear like magic.


My secret's my enzyme.
I know it's complicated and all, but what part of "no barking" do you not understand? Quit calling us puppies and watch the video.


My secret's my enzyme.
What exactly is Nicorette supposed to help? Because it ain't helpin' nothin'.

My dad quit using the patch. He swears by it. He was a smoker for 20+ years.
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