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team bougatsa
okay, weird. whatever.

Mz Understood

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No darling I’m wired ....weird is you ...check the mirror take a reality check.
I am really sorry for you...
Your posts are all about nothing. Transparent.

Mz Understood

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What can we expect
“Fake C”
Take heart LHW there are still some (not many) genuine folks to be found
Find them ..quickly..before it’s too late.
There are vacuums and they suck.
Always better to be truthful.
* no social life frink advice artie lange awesome bitching blush bored brooms candies chat cheese with your whine? college is tough companionship complaining epiphany episiotomy friendships funny happy i think u stink just lust moaning never to be replaced rabid monkey sad suck my teeth sweet caroline wowzers
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