Professor Of Rock YT: "The 80's Song Guaranteed To Break Your Heart" (March 15, 2021)



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What’s everyone think the saddest most heart breaking smiths song is. I don’t have a ready answer


its not me its you.
think the professor has been catapulted onto the set of LAND OF THE GIANTS,if thats the cassette how big is the player,wonder if he has a safety pin grappling hook.


I was thinking well I wonder as well. Thinking though made me realize just how much funnier the smiths were vs them being typecast a bit as sad sacks. So much of that sad felling for lack of a better word is hurried under humor (in some ways making them all a bit sadder from a certain perspective). It was hard for me to find just an out and out sad one from memory. Asleep also comes to mind

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I have a few that I believe add emotional depth to their cannon.

Wonderful Woman
Suffer Little Children
This Night Has Opened My Eyes
Half A Person
Reel Around The Fountain
Back To The Old House
Please Please Please Let Me Get
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
Well I Wonder
I Know It's Over
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody

All songs that seem to lack any real humour on Morrisseys part (other than, say Half A Person). Songs that state their case simply and effectively and brutally . I think Morrissey could have dispensed with the irony a lot more and would have got away with it. These, mainly 'minor' songs are essential to me as part of the whole picture.


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Asleep is probably their saddest song.
Last Night I Dreamt is the one that pulls my heart strings the most though. Gets me every time. One of the all time best Smiths singles.


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What’s everyone think the saddest most heart breaking smiths song is. I don’t have a ready answer

There's only one answer for me and that's Asleep. It's not even close.
I literally cannot listen to it 90% of the time because it absolutely crushes me.

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