Public Image Limited (PIL) Return: Live dates 2009

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received this in today's emails:

Public Image Limited Return

December 2009 sees the return of Public Image Limited for 5 very special live dates in the UK. Their first shows in 17 years.
The shows will mark the 30th Anniversary of the release of 'Metal Box' but PiL will NOT be limited to tracks from one album and the tour will showcase their whole career.
PiL founder John Lydon will be joined by former members Lu Edmonds (Guitar & Misc) and Bruce Smith (Drums), plus new recruit Scott Firth (Bass).
Follow this link for further information…
Birmingham, 02 Academy, December 15th 2009
Leeds, 02 Academy, December 16th 2009
Glasgow, 02 Academy, December 18th 2009
Manchester, Academy, December 19th 2009
London Brixton, 02 Academy, December 21st 2009
Tickets go on sale 9am Friday, September 11th.Buy online at or Tel 0844 576 5483 (24hrs)
There will be a special ticket pre-sale via PiLOfficial.Com. Details will be announced tomorrow...


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I remember reading about "Metal Box" in the early 90s in Rolling Stone:

"Public Image Ltd. wanted an equally unconventional package. According to guitarist Keith Levene, the group considered sealing the discs in a sardine can that could be opened only with a key ("except we wouldn't give the key") or creating a "sandpaper-type record, which would f*** up all your other records when you put it in your collection." Instead, PiL encased a limited edition of Metal Box in a round, embossed tin can, like those used to protect film reels."

Brilliant :thumb:


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Anyone here lucky enough to be catching any of these dates?
If so, please tell us how they went :guitar:
So excited that PiL are back together and will possibly be recording new material :)
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