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Can anyone tell me something about a Morrissey self titled promo ep from Austrailia? I know a few things about it like the track names and the year it was released (1990.) That is about all I know. Is it a rare record? I checked on Passions but there is no mention of it at all. I'm assuming since it's a promo, it would be an official release but not sure. The strange thing though is that the 4 songs that are on the record, are all b-sides. :confused:

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Well, it's a promo only release from 1990 and from Australia - that indicates that its not very common.

There is one recently on Ebay:

15 bids, and it's US$ 47 for the time being.

I have been looking for it a long time until i have found one; to answer your question: it is not that rare, you will see copys from time to time, but at the moment it will be an expensive buy as anything from Moz that is not an ordinary release...


I bought mine 15 years ago from Vicious Sloth Collectibles in Australia. They were always a good source for Oz releases.

Much like "Education In Reverse" it's not very hard to find, but good looking nonetheless.
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