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> I just wanted to start a discussion about Moz circa 2002 irrelevance in
> comparison with other bards, intellectual literary singers-songwriters
> like Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Ani DiFranco, Tori Amos, Elliot Smith... Lou
> Reed was just an RANDOM example to verify my thesis, I just took 3 of his
> random live song-rants, recorded at Kansas City, NYC club around 1977
> (Take NO Prisoners CD):

You start some of the oddest threads, Fox! = )

Aren't all these artists you name, except Eminem, cult artists just like Moz?
Well, not JUST LIKE, cuz the Mozza is way better, but comparable situations.

I f***ing LOVE Tom Waits. Dislike Ani DiFRanco's music, but who cares.

And as to Eminem, for one, he's new, and for two, he's gotten the biggest push from the powers of the industry than anyone I can remember. MTV has turned over their entire channel to him on some days. But yeah, I suppose of those you list, he is the only one "more relevant," and "more up to date," musically and lyrically...but only if you're just talking about teenagers today. We're not all teenagers.

There's a parallel universe somewhere where The Smiths and Morrissey got all the airplay they deserved and became massive in the USA.

But just because that didn't happen, does it make him "irrelevant"? When thousands and thousands of people are so moved by his music?

> one about artist versus modern society (Walk on the Wild Side live),
> another about racism of whites & white guilt (I wonna be Black),
> another one about gay man falling in love with a straight guy, whrer Lou
> Reed openly talks about his it. (Coney Island Babe)

So what? Show me a set list of one of Morrissey's recent concerts and I'll point out how interesting every song is.

> And Lou Reed circa 1977 sounds FOR ME way more contemporary and relevant
> to me then Moz circa 2002!

So you happen to prefer Lou Reed of 1977 to Mozza of 2002. Big whoop.
This is you big "thesis"??

> Exactly my point!!!
> While really relevant and up-to-day artists


> like Ani DiFranco, Elliot
> Smith, Eminem, even Lou Reed circa 2000 (Exstacy album) et cetera et
> cetera are dealing with real economic and political, moral and
> philosophycal issues of the day, Mozzer is worrying about 'lil kitties and
> doggies...

Animal rights issues are TOTALLY "real economic and political, moral and philosophical issues of the day."

Why, there was yet another book released just recently - Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy by Matthew Scully - wherein a conservative/religious dude from the Bush White House grapples with these animal issues. Just the latest in a long line, going back to the intellectual pioneer in animal rights, Peter Singer. You should read some of these books before dismiss it all.

If you go into the science section of your library, you'll find people like science writer Richard Dawkins discussing speciesism, the treatment of the great apes, and animal rights here and there in his fascinating books on evolution.

Time magzine (or was it Newsweek?) recently had a big cover story on vegetarianism.

DNA advances are making it clear that we humans are animals too, and we share amazing amounts of the same chromosomal material with other animals. They are our fellow animals. Is it all "irrelevant"?

>C'mon, PETA is just another nauseatingly Politically Correct
> white affluent eco-liberal guilt trip... As I said before, Moz is worried
> about elephants, but what about thousands Thais, who would become
> unemployed if world would take for its face value Mozzer cry to
> "boycott" Thai tourist industry... Luckily, Mozzer activism is
> no different from elephant farting in the wind, just another liberal
> caring about Thai animals, indifferent to the plight of Thai exploited
> children and Thai AIDS victims or Cambodgian refugees, or Russian victims
> of Chechen terrorism etc...

Morrissey made it his pet issue 20 years ago, when he looked around and decided more people needed to be raising the issues of the truly voiceless - animals. It's a f***ing admirable thing, man. And he was ahead of his time. Still is.

And this notion I keep seeing on this board that because Morrissey cares about animals, he is "indifferent" to human problems is such rubbish. It seems to me that people who CARE and have COMPASSION in one area tend to also care and have compassion in other areas. Because they're caring and compassionate f***ing people in general. When I see some yahoo hunting redneck or some fur coat wearing dink, I don't think they're much concerned about anyone or anything.
When I see someone, like Morrissey, who in one memorable interview rescued a drawning wasp from a swimming pool, there's a man who probably has a heart of f***ing gold.

>OK, Moz song Mexico is VAGUELY political, but
> I'm telling you, bands like MANA or JAGUARES are zillion times more
> relevant and up-to-date for Mexican politically-minded listener...

This "relevant and up-to-date" phrase you keep using is so f***ing gay, man.

> again, Moz is primary a lyrical artist, an escapist... Yet, his LATEST
> body of work is beautiful, yet strangely politically irrelevant... Yes,
> I'm glad he is around, yet... His silence about any political issue of the
> day, except animal-rights, be it war or peace or gay rights, or women
> issues, that silence make Moz, essentially, a nostalgic act, something
> like Wayne Newton... Well, Moz even played Las Vegas recently... :-(

His songs are about life. Pretty f***ing relevant to me.

You apparently want him to go down a list of the "hot" political topics of the hour. Which any f***ing moron can do. You don't need to be in Morrissey's political party to connect with him. You just need to be a person in this world.

> P.S. To all peoples (especially Suzanne), who think Lou Reed circa 2002 is
> a drug-abuse-riddled nutcase... nothing could be further from the truth!
> For somebody who cares, please give a try to 2 last brilliant solo Lou
> Reed albums: Set The Twilight Reeling (1994) and Exstacy (2000). Just
> listen to the lyrics and lively, country & alternative-twang
> bare-bones r'and'b sound of Lou guitar, and then judge old chap Lou...
> Don't dismiss peoples you don't know a shit abut! :)

Fox in the Snow

I start the most oddest threads solely for purpose of fun. Things became too quiet lately...


Re: I start the most oddest threads solely for purpose of fun. Things became too quiet lately...

Quiet? Maybe no one wants to read the sh*t you post! I thought I told you to go away!

Fox in the Snow

Excuse me?

> Quiet? Maybe no one wants to read the sh*t you post! I thought I told you
> to go away!
Who are you mister/miss/missis? Too much a pussy even to post your nick... Why should I even care about you then?
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