Rumor: KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2017 / Los Angeles Forum Cancelled

I have it on good authority that the Forum is off. First, I work there. Second, KROQ informed upper management of The Madison Square Garden Company (which I am a part of) - the owners of the Forum. Third, "Sad Girl" posted the show on their website and said they were "pleased as punch" to be playing Almost Acoustic X-Mas. Why is this main page worthy? Because many people on the thread are planning on traveling. Most hotels offer refunds if cancellation is done 24 hours in advance. I feel the fans have a right to know. Given the weather in So. Cal., I am concerned for the safety of the community. The show is 100% off

Reference to original post in the Boston cancellation thread by Anony:

I work at the Forum in Inglewood. KROQ has just informed us that MORRISSEY will not be headlining the second night of this event. The Killers will headline (as they have done in the past), all of the bands will move up in line, "Sad Girl" will be the first band of the night and doors will open at 4.
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odd no? that Boz (and band?) went to Boston ? guess they assumed the Boston show was still on? even after PA was canceled.
This picture was in reference to Lyn leaving to go home and Boz going towards LA which is odd if it was already known it wasn't happening - he may as well have gone home.

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