Russel Brand on Morrissey in a new NME interview

Russell Brand on his Hammersmith Apollo show, addiction, book number four, Noel and Corbyn - NME

"What’s your relationship with Morrissey like? Can you be yourself around him?

“Not really. I try to be, but in a way meeting Morrissey is like meeting the avatar to my adolescent self. I’m not saying he’s adolescent, but he was the first person that made me feel like, ‘Oh it’s alright to be strange’. If he was sat next to me now, my voice would change. Noel Gallagher is f***ing Noel Gallagher, but Morrissey has a kind of…eminence. He is other-worldly, I think. I’ve got a good story about Morrissey. Check this out. I was in this really posh hotel and someone said, ‘Morrissey’s in this hotel’, and I was excited. I didn’t know him very well. And I got a phone call and it was like [He does a pitch-perfect impersonation of Moz’s lugubrious voice], ‘Hello, is that Russell Brand?’. And it was Morrissey of course. And I’d been running a bath – it was a really massive, stupid, luxurious bath, in the hotel room. But we were talking so I couldn’t say nothing, right? Thinking ‘Oh f***, Morrissey is on the phone but I’ve left the bath running’. But eventually there’s a bit of a gap so I go, ‘Morrissey I’ve left the bath running, do you mind if I just go and turn it off?’ He goes, [adopts Moz voice] ‘Oh, don’t be ridiculous! They have a special vacuum cleaner at this hotel that sucks up water. It doesn’t even matter if it overflows.’ And I went, ‘Oh okay’. I stayed on the phone for ages and when I went to the bathroom, it had overflowed really badly. I phoned up reception and goes, ‘Can you bring up that special vacuum cleaner that hoovers up the water please?’. (Laughs) And they went, ‘WHAT? There ain’t no such thing as that’. I told Morrissey and he went [harrumphs] ‘Oh well’, and brushed it off. The whole bloody bathroom was flooded…Why wouldn’t you go, ‘ Alright just turn it off then come back’? It only would have took 20 seconds! He dismissed it out of hand.”
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Reckon Rusty is just jealous of Steve because he couldn't afford to live in LA anymore and be part of the Moz Posse.

Someone posted that he gave all his money away.
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