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Over the past weekend the server was updated from the outdated Apache 1.3 (end of life 2010) to 2.2. This was something needed for years, but not possible because of the legacy code (Slash) on the site that hosts the main article pages, comments and polls from 2000 to 2011. The code had not been maintained for 6+ years but I found a site ( that had taken the code and done a lot of work to port it to the latest web server software. It was a small miracle to find it, thanks to that team for making the code available.

While this upgrade isn't very noticeable for the current site besides some page load speed increases, it goes a long way for preserving the old pages and for future expandability. There were a few bugs but most have been worked out now.

The top stories from the time of Slash are here if you've forgotten what the pages looked like:
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