Southerners have way more shit in their brains

Helen Bach

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This thread was started on a whim after reading a similar thread here about Northerners having dirty hands.
I didn't put it to a committee or consider it's implications for a wider audience than the British or for people with no sense of humour.

I'm sorry if anyone out there finds it serious and responds in a serious way.
I never didn't mean it to do no 'arm guv'nor.
Do you ever get the impulse to wash your hands after all this shit-stirring?

here, you may need this..


The Cat's Mother

she is right, the northerners are scruffy Oiks in joe bloggy clothes, while the southerners are the cultured elite in music and arts and stuff like that! I mean they talk in funny accents every couple of miles. These Oiks can't decide on a accent! Awful people, stick them back down the mines.

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