Southpaw Grammar/Maladjusted reissues


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has anyone in the US been able to get SG from Amazon or Tower online?

I'm getting really annoyed. I pre-purchased Southpaw on Amazon weeks ago and then the release date came and went with no shipment. Got an email saying there was a delay. I gave it a week and canceled.

Placed order with Tower, who said it was "in stock." Also bought a Neko Case album at the same time. I got an email yesterday saying that the Neko Case album has shipped but not SG!!!!!! So much for being "in Stock!"

Getting rather annoyed. Soon I will just say to the hell with it and live with my pilfered downloads of the new songs.

Nope, went through the same thing you did with Amazon. I meant to try Tower online, but haven't had the chance to complete the order. Has me annoyed as well!

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Nope, went through the same thing you did with Amazon. I meant to try Tower online, but haven't had the chance to complete the order. Has me annoyed as well!

Southern Maine - hello neighbor!


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Southern Maine - hello neighbor!

Hi, Harsh Truth! We must be living in a black hole that can't receive these reissues. I was thinking I might check with Bull Moose Records to see if they will be getting them in or if they might be able to special order the two cds.

Are you actually in Portsmouth? I work in Kittery.

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Tower finally delivered SG to me today! (well, the mailman did I guess.)

Looks good. Haven't played it yet though.


HYKWTFM sounds very good, i'm suprised, i thought i'd knew the song with the old mp3 we all had years ago but this proper version's fine fine fine !
FBird is a bit weird sounding and rather terrible, doesn't sound like usual Moz at all, which could be a good thing but here it isn't.
YSHBNTM's easily the best of the unearthed tracks. Really nice.

BTW the version i have has the 'heart/hunter' etching
product EAN 886973325223
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Maladjusted reissues

I got the UK version of the "expanded edition" of Maladjusted in the post today. No earth shattering new songs from the vault like on the SG reissue, but it is worth getting for the packaging (featuring a sturdy booklet with fascinating liner notes written by duh Man).

My filthy ears can't discern any difference in the remastering, but I enjoyed listening to Trouble Lervs Meh again. I can discern some strings in this version of Trouble and don't remember it being there before. The brief bit with strings is just barely saved from sounding too fake and cheesy.

Now Lost is coming on. Lovely! This is another fave song. I held up a sign that said LOST, hoping that he would get the hint that we would like him to play this song, and he asked me about it. And though I had to wait two years, he made it a setlist regular.

Similar thing with I Can Have Both -- held up a banner saying WE Can Have Both, and he asked me to explain it because he's from England and therefore "absolutely stupid". I put it back on him by saying it meant whatever he meant by "I Can Have Both". I didn't have to wait as long to hear it live because he made it a tour staple about a month and a half later on the following tour leg. His adlibs during and after I Can Have Both were hilarious! My fave was when he claimed that he didn't understand why people read so much into this song, that it was simply a song about ice-cream -- that he can have vanilla AND strawberry. :p

Yay, Now I Am Wuss is on!

Remember the funny emphasis of the some of the words in the titles for the Satan single?
SATAN Rejected My Soul
NOW I AM a Was
THIS Is Not Your Country

I larfed so much when I first saw the single cover of Satan because of that silly shirt coupled with mean expression.


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I only just got the Maladjusted reissue in the mail (thanks for nothing, Amazon). Jeez, I hadn't listened to these tracks for quite a while - they sound great! The booklet is fantastic - no one bends the language like Morrissey.

I know some people here have issues with the current band, but I think they would do a great job with several of these songs: Maladjusted, Lost, TEANLP, Heir Apparent; they would all be great additions to the set right about now. Of course Trouble Loves Me is still the jewel in the crown.

I'm still waiting for Southpaw. *sigh*

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Do any US fans know of a good site to order Southpaw Grammar from?
^Poor grammar, indeed!

I need to find a trustworthy site....
Amazon failed me again, Moz-wise.
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Last week i received both discs....what a cheap package....maladjusted is the worst.....not a single photo. but the remaster is very good.


scanned the complete booklet of the southpaw grammar reissue which i bought today
part 1 [/QUOTE]
[quote="sistasheila, post: 1147046"]part 2 of the scan [IMG]G][/QUOTE]
[quote="sistasheila, post: 1147049"]final part of the scan[IMG][/QUOTE]
Im bored stiff much

most of you have bought /revceived maladjusted by now...but for those who dont :









malad part 2

linernotes southpaw
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