Strange/unexpected Moz references?


My secret's my enzyme.
I was in Macy*s in the West Covina Mall and while browsing in the teen clothes section for a friend I heard William It was Really Nothing. I thought it was from the store's music PA but I listened closely and heard Christmas music. I then realized it was from the makeup counters where they sell high-end make-up. THey had a boom box blaring Louder Than Bombs as the next song was You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby and all the make-up girls in their white coats were dancing and smiling. It was delightful and surreal.


I was leafing through a music magazine today and saw an album called "The King is Dead" by the decemberists.


My secret's my enzyme.

I'm on Team RAP. :thumb:

Me too on this one. It's a thread to post what we've found that's moz related, not a race to prove who found it first then dismiss the rest. I didn't know The Decemberists titled their album that until I read it this morning, I wasn't going to go searching for it to find what I didn't know existed. Thank you RAP.

Really? Much like you have an option not to be so rude to pretty much everyone.

*Insert pointless smiley face here*

I've had her on ignore for 2, maybe 3 years, but because she's a moderator, her PMs will still go through, unlike other users'. I still have one in my inbox from months ago, unread. It's probably an infraction notice.


It's all good

The "race" attitude makes me scared to post things like this:'t_listen
I'm afraid someone will start yelling at me for posting something that everyone else already knew about.

I saw this in Dolans, Limerick, a couple of years ago. The guy who does Oscillate Wildly is brilliant. With his t-shirts. Malaysian, I think, but I may be way wrong. Either way, it's a fabulous concept, brilliantly done.

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