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The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
We all believe we'd run into that burning building,
but until we feel that heat, we can never know.
You do.

Tenet (2020)

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The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
Do you smell something?
Like what?
Kinda like, vanilla I think.
It is vanilla. I soak them (hands) in vanilla and milk
to take away the smell of the pickles. Something that
my Father taught me. Does it bother you?
No. It's nice.

Crossing Delancey (1988)

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The Wild Turkey

Wild T!
One night, a sad Mother places her Chicken egg in a Ducks nest.
Soon the Lil Stranger hatches with the rest of the Ducklings. The
Mother Duck can't understand why Lil Stranger doesn't quack and
swim like the rest of'em. They start to shun Lil Stranger, but come
to find out, Lil Stranger has the gumption and gristle to get along
and save the day!

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