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I caught 7 of his 10 (?) (something like that) shows here in NYC last May, on Broadway. Incredible! I skipped the Forest Hills show in the Summer because I had no interest in hearing do a show about his "covers" album.
TWO things about his upcoming 2 shows in NYC, and would welcome any response/opinions from u guys.

1) The new album is coming out the same day as the first show. I generally enjoy a concert so so much more when I know/am familiar with the material before seeing him. Don't like when a show is the same day as the release.....So, does anyone know how this stupid person can hear the songs at least a few days before the show? Thanks!

2) Why are the tickets to the Apollo show almost THREE TIMES as expen$ive as the Hammerstein shows?! I don't get it. Anyone?

Thank you


I am not BBC scum
Well you have 3 new songs right now, and if last years tour is any indication only 3 or 4 new songs will be played, I personally would want more off the new lp,since the songs he sings have basically not changed in many years/tours ,there is no reason yet to see any changes, all though I'm hopeful the same ole songs get replaced and those of us that keep up with every song played and try to record every thing played, get a reprieve from the same ole same ole and a good taste of songs hardly played. Unlike what you mentioned I personally liked CS and was really hoping to hear more songs live (LONELINESS Remember, Lenny Tunes etc) but time has moved forward and we are blessed with new Lp with more hope of new and different songs being played live. I do encourage you to try to record while you are there to
1 memory safekeeping
2 to share to some of us that live many miles away and would love to see how the show went
3 to preserve history( there is no other artist in the history of music that has lasted this long with the history of live shows kept preserved either in video or audio, just recently The Smith's Archive was released on this forum(and what a treat that was)

Personally if I could persuade Moz on a setlist ,I would say hell with normal people in the since of catering to hit or his popular songs and play to his real fans that dont treat him as a public target and respect his opinions ,not always agree but respect and request he play songs never or hardly played, so many....small example is the songs released from the bootleg Revelation and there are so many besides and tracks not played hardly off studio lp (Arthounds,ISREAL,, so many more I cant begin to go into that)
But he probably wont, but I'm hoping so

As far as tickets it's a market place thing.
A ticket last year in LA was alot more let's say than Houston was ,and the tickets in Vegas are higher than Hammerstein it's a price I'm sure set by promoters and agreed upon by Moz Management or the man himself. Maybe someone else can answer that better.
Anyways have fun, please record, and stay safe there are some bad people on the rise.
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