THe Cure Austin,TX 2008


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Here's The Cure show in Austin,TX June 8, 2008 @ The Austin Music Hall. It's a rather good audience recording of the full show.

The Cure
Austin Music Hall
Austin, TX

Taped and transferred by atxwolfattack
Edited, tracked, and seeded by leehookem21

Source: Church Audio ST-11 > Church Audio ST-9000 > iRiver H120
Location: FOB, DFC
Editing: Soundforge 7.0 (fades, lowered claps by 6dbs) > CDWave (tracking) > flac level 6

One Set

01 intro
02 Open
03 Fascination Street
04 alt.end
05 Torture
06 The End of the World
07 Lovesong
08 The Big Hand
09 Pictures of You
10 Lullaby
11 Catch
12 The Perfect Boy
13 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
14 The Figurehead
15 A Strange Day
16 Sleep When I'm Dead
17 Push
18 Doing The Unstuck
19 Inbetween Days
20 Just Like Heaven
21 Primary
22 The Only One
23 Signal To Noise
24 The Hanging Garden
25 One Hundred Years
26 End
27 -encore 1-
28 At Night
29 M
30 Play For Today
31 A Forest
32 -encore 2-
33 Three Imaginary Boys
34 Fire In Cairo
35 Boys Don't Cry
36 Jumping Someone Else's Train
37 Grinding Halt
38 10:15 Saturday Night
39 Killing An Arab


BTW This show is in MP3 format. The original is in FLAC but I converted it to MP3 for my ipod
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Thanks osiris! It is a good recording! The Cure were great this summer.

Doing The Unstuck is FAB!! :guitar:

it's a perfect day for letting go
for setting fire to bridges
and other dreary worlds you know
let's get happy!
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