The Stranglers

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I uploaded Golden Brown for someone, so I thought I'd stick some songs here

Everyone probably has them, but anyway..

Golden Brown'

No More Heroes



Nice 'n' Sleazy

Walk On By

Waltzin' Black

La Folie

(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)

Hanging Around
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The most underrated band of all time.

BTW, does anyone have "Nice 'N' Sleazy" by Sons and Daughters? Apparently it was the b-side to "Taste The Last Girl".

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
I love them, i think every song (that i have) is perfect

I don't, you might want to start a thread

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
I will be upset if no one wants all this stuff, :D


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Brilliant Band, Managed to see them live loads of times while Hugh Cornwall was lead singer and since seen both Him and JJ Burnel live solo.

Got most of thier released stuff and some boots so if anything needed I will try and upload it

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Simply Thrilled, Honey
^ do you know who is laughing on Waltzin' Black?

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I saw them live a month ago (well, just the end of the set). No More Heroes rocked more than the original.
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i adore the stranglers, 1st band i was into really. i saw live about five times, and the last concert they did with Hugh at Ally Pally.

Also saw the Purple Helmets at Dingwalls with dave greenfield & JJ.

One of the few rock stars i wanted to look like was JJ. I got some photos of me with moppy like hair and bikers jacket, black jeans, DMs somewhere and no you can't see them:p


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Saw them for the 1st time last October, they were brilliant. Got talking to a lad who said it was his 16th time and they never disappointed. I've seen Moz 7 times now, hope I can make it to 16!!!

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Does anyone know if they are touring again soon?

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
Thanks, only festivals
They played Glasgow a while ago, i wish I'd went
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