"This Charming Man" 12 inch NY Mix (RTT 136 NY)

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Hi, I recently bought this record, the sleeve doesn't have the band name on the front cover (only on the back).

Does anybody know if there are copies of the NY mix that came in a sleeve with the band name on the front? This question was raised during the auction...

The regular Charming Man 12" comes in both versions, the later edition with band title on the sleeve being the more valuable of the two (acc. to Record Collector).

Thanks very much for your replies.



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I'd have to check my notes (which I don't have near me right now) but I thought only the Belgium NY mix 12" had the band name on the front while the UK one doesn't. I don't recall ever seeing a UK NY mix 12" with the band name.



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Stephane, I do have both UK NY Mix versions....

Thanks Marcel. Meanwhile I have been able to check my notes and they do mention that these exist with and without the band name. Thank God for those notes, I can't rely only on my memory. Here are my notes on the subject, taken from a project on collectibles that's for the time being on hold:

"Besides the above, a remix 12" was released (RTT136NY) with two 'New-York' remixes done by François Kevorkian, one vocal and one instrumental. This latter 12" was soon deleted because of Morrissey's objection to releasing remixed versions of Smiths' songs. However, this didn't prevent Rough Trade from printing more copies later, as this single exists in three different pressings, for the pleasure of completist collectors.

The front cover for all versions was identical to that of the regular 12", but in a paler beige. The first versions don't have the band's name on front, while the last one does, in very dark brown, nearly black letters. First versions often have a round silver 'US mix' sticker on the front. The back of the sleeve shows the mock-Capitol logo for all versions, with dome. It is not impossible that some of these logos, though in cursive letters, lack the dome, as on the back of the Belgian 12" counterpart.

The label of the first version has the mock-Capitol style logo, while the second is identical, with Rough Trade in cursive letters, but without the dome. Finally, the rubber-stamp style logo is found on the third pressing. Glad Hips are credited as the publishers for all. It seems versions of this 12" can also be found with a sticker over the logos on the label and sleeve. These stickers have 'Rough Trade' written inside a circle."



I remember this record selling for $100 in shops circa 1991.
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