Too old to rock...

Jukebox Jury

Age. it catches up on us all!

I remember when I was 16 (1979) and started work in a garage and there was this bloke Tony aged 37 and still harping on about the 60's, The Stones and The Who.
I kept saying to him to live in the NOW rather than the past, lending him my punk and new wave records that were quickly returned....

Fast forward 28 years (frighteningly quickly too:eek:!) and I'm still harping on about punk / new wave and obviously The Smiths and 80's indie and still attending gigs and nightclubs.

In '79 bands like the Stones, Who etc were despised by us as dinosaurs but on the verge of being one myself why should I sit in front of the fire and put my slippers on, pipe in hand. And no one said John Peel was a dinosaur - the guy was deemed hip as hell.

So as much as the Police, Genesis etc dont appeal to me in their reforming, I wouldn't deny the artists or their fans my age the chance to see them again.
I play 6 a side football every Monday night. I'm absolutely no where as near as good as I was 20 years ago (and I wasn't very good then either :D) but I'm enjoying it greatly knowing that in maybe a year or two it will be time to hang the boots up:(.
Let us 'old ens' have our last flings of youth! :cool:

Jukebox Jury

PS Hi appleblonde!
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