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It's what we've all been waiting for.... The Wedding Present Live 1988 on CD (rather than crappy worn out tapes).
Live 1988 will be released on 29 March and will be available at live shows and through independent music sellers:)

LIVE 1988’ collects the third and fourth of The Wedding Present’s infamous ‘live tapes’; cassettes that the band sold at gigs and through their fanzine in the late 80s. The recordings were unavailable anywhere else. Fans eagerly collected them and they became very rare. This is the second in the series of these much-demanded CD and digital releases - ‘Live 1987’ was released in 2007 to critical acclaim. Live 1988 is especially interesting because it includes some early versions of tracks [their first hit ‘Kennedy’, for instance] that went on to appear on their major label debut, Bizarro. For 2010 the band are celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the release of Bizarro by playing the album live. In 1988 The Wedding Present were at a crescendo of speeding guitars and lovelorn lyrics… and it’s all even faster and more frantic live, of course, with the adrenalin of public performance, but somehow it all holds together. Live 1988 documents a moment in British indie pop history when they led a very large and lasting pack of emerging exciting bands. The CD release includes an eight-page booklet featuring the original cassette artwork, photos and a list of concerts the band played in 1988.



1/Introduction 2/You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends 3/Never Said 4/What Did Your Last Servant Die Of? 5/ Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft 6/Not From Where I'm Standing 7/This Boy Can Wait 8/A Million Miles 9/ Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now? 10/Don't Be So Hard 11/Nothing Comes Easy 12/Anyone Can Make A Mistake 13/I'm Not Always So Stupid 14/Nobody's Twisting Your Arm


1/Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now? 2/This Boy Can Wait 3/Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft 4/Kennedy 5/What Did Your Last Servant Die Of? 6/No 7/Anyone Can Make A Mistake 8/Give My Love To Kevin 9/Be Honest 10/I'm Not Always So Stupid 11/Nobody's Twisting Your Arm 12/Take Me! ‘


Smashing, ta. Those songs were the soundtrack of my early morning paper round when i were a lad.


...brush me daddy-o
Some proper UK dates for TWP Bizarro Tour:

Mainland Europeans will need to wait a little longer because these dates are still being confirmed... here's the UK and Ireland anyway!

19/11 : Bournemouth, UK - O2 Academy
20/11 : Portsmouth, UK - Wedgewood Rooms
21/11 : Bristol, UK - O2 Academy
22/11 : Leicester, UK - O2 Academy
23/11 : Cardiff, UK - Globe
24/11 : Liverpool, UK - O2 Academy
26/11 : Dublin, IRL - Academy
27/11 : Cork, IRL - Cyprus Avenue
28/11 : Belfast, UK - Spring And Airbrake
30/11 : Edinburgh, UK - Liquid Room
01/12 : Aberdeen, UK - Tunnels
02/12 : Glasgow, UK - Queen Margaret Union
03/12 : Preston, UK - 53 Degrees
04/12 : Newcastle, UK - O2 Academy
05/12 : York, UK - Duchess
06/12 : Leeds, UK - O2 Academy
08/12 : Nottingham, UK - Rock City
09/12 : Norwich, UK - Waterfront
10/12 : Manchester, UK - Academy 2
11/12 : Oxford, UK - O2 Academy
12/12 : Cambridge, UK - Junction
13/12 : London, UK - Koko

I'll be cowering at the back of the Glasgow & Edinburgh gigs (if tickets Scotland finally start selling tickets)... anyone else?:D
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