Very silly question about downloading torrents

How long should it take to download a torrent from Mine seems to take billions of years using Final Torrent. I'm a newbie to the whole thing.

Raphael Lambach

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You're very welcome here

Well... it's not a silly question.
The time your download will take depend of three factors, at least:
1- Your internet connection (speed)
2 - how many users are sharing it with you
3 - File's size.

Then I cannot say a exact time it takes....

I hope I helped you

Raphael Lambach


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Not a silly question.

Unlike regular downloads the torrent files on smithstorrents are from other users, such as me. The speed at which you download depends on how many people are sharing. Sharing is called 'seeding'. If there aren't many people seeding, ask if anyone else can seed and usually someone will help out.
Problems with Torrents

FinalTorrent gave my computer a virus, and now I'm desperate for all those videos I couldn't get!

The ones I want are;
-the Smiths on Y.E.S. playing What Difference Does it Make? and This Night Has Opened My Eyes in 1984
- Barrowlands 1985 videos or audio
- 8 Days a Week in it's entirety
- Rock Around the Clock, where Morrissey becomes a phone operator counting votes for music videos

DavidA found the links for me, but I can't get them!

But since torrents are giving me viruses and taking days to load anyway, I'd be very grateful if someone had any of these in easily viewable or downloadable formats, like YouTube or something.

download performances rare torrent torrents
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