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Hi to everyone, I hope this finds you well and full of the joys. Here’s a brief update of what’s been happening or is about to…

New news

Craig Gannon has joined the band and is currently in rehearsal, we’ve needed a second guitar player for awhile. Not only does Craig exude finesse and balls in equal measures but having him on board will afford a little more onstage freedom to yours truly…expect Iggy style bloodletting and rafter swinging…then again…

Craig’s pedigree includes Aztec Camera, The Smiths and Terry Hall to name but a few so needless to say he can play a bit [still you probably knew that already]. We’re looking forward to it…

The Two Fat Lovers video is finished, we’re a bit behind schedule in terms of plugging it to TV but with any luck it should be played somewhere sometime soon…more info to follow on that score. We shot it on just about the lowest budget imaginable [we bought the chips] at Alison Surtees des-res in the heart of suburban Salford, it features Dingo the Dog, some fetishlike soft toys and a fish eye lens that makes my nose look like Tommy Cooper’s. It was a fun day which makes a change from some of the more gloomishly feeling VP videos past [Suicide Dad comes to mind…every TV station we approached refused to play it; though you wont have seen it unless you were either in the band at the time or live over the road from me and have a amazing telescope, anyway, onwards and on…

We had a bit of a scare on Terry Christians GMR radio show the other week as he played the demo version of Louise, all my mistake I’m afraid, the demo features all kinds of vocal edits from other songs amalgamated into one courtesy of Spooner’s Pro tools everything-in mix…and frankly sounds ridiculous, oh well, the faulty now deleted version has been offered as a GMR prize so someone is going to end up with a rare and exclusive slice of our history…

The new single Two Fat Lovers b/w Dirty Old Man & Louise and comes out on 23rd May 05 on Shadrack and Duxbury Records, distribution is by NOVA via Pinnacle [cat number SADCD 003]. It’s the first release featuring the new band. We recorded it in Gothenburg with Spooner and Kalle Gustaffeson from Soundtrack of Our Lives over a freak weather weekend in January. We’re really excited about it…hopefully others will be too. You can get it through all the major record shops, HMV, VIRGIN etc and through the usual online retailers as well as via the VP site [though we’d much prefer it if you bought it from a retail outlet…that helps the sales profile and keeps a smile on the face of the distributor]. The single has been picking up some decent airplay via the likes of Mark Radcliff, Mark Riley, Janis Long and Tom Robinson and we have a few shows coming off around and about release time, perhaps we’ll see some of you there. We’re also busy finishing the new album in Spooner’s humorously titled Studio Sound Studio which should be ready for release late summer. This will be followed by an 18 + date UK tour in October, our first in association with new agents CMP who we’re looking forward to working with.

We have a live radio session with Janis Long on BBC Radio 2 that goes out around 12.30 am on 10th May. Other sessions are in the pipeline and I’ll post them to the site as soon as they are confirmed, it all seems a bit last minute as is the radio way.

Up and coming gigs include

Sun 8th May: Chepstow The Five Alls Hocker Hill St, Chepstow NP16 5ER [solo acoustic show]

01291 630349 for ticket details

Wed 8th June: Birmingham Glee Club The Arcadian Centre, Hurst Street

Birmingham West Midlands B5 4TD Enquiries: 0870 241 5093

Box Office: 0870 241 5093

Fri 10th June: Liverpool Quiggins 12-16 School Lane Liverpool with The Late Developers & Mark Wilson contact 07779304782 for ticket sales/details

Tues 14th June: Shrewsbury The Buttermarket Howard Street, SY1 2LF

Doors-8.00pm 07947 389116 for further info re tickets

Friday 17th June: Manchester Bier Keller 77 Piccadilly M1 2BH Doors 9-2 The two fat lovers party, huge ticket price reductions available just email [email protected] for guest places

Thursday 23rd June: Glastonbury Festival Budweiser Stage. We’re actually playing a day before the festival starts officially…but it was rammed last year apparently

We also have a couple of Scandinavian shows courtesy of our Swedish agents HEADSTOMP

Friday 19th August Copenhagen at Stenegade (

Saturday 20th August Malmo Festival, Sweden

Thanks for the support, really appreciated.



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