Violent Femmes


Oi Steve..stop it
Anybody here on the forum, that listens to this amasing band?

Gordon Gano is a god!


Oi Steve..stop it

Kiss Off is amazing...

what about Add it up?, in fact their first record generaly


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I've loved the Femmes since the mid - late 80's. The albums I have are:

The Blind Leading the Naked
Why Do Birds Sing?
Add it Up (1981 - 1993)
Viva Wisconsin (Greatest Hits live)
Freak Magnet
Deluxe Edition (double cd)

Of course, the untitled disc is my favourite as well as Viva Wisconsin.

My favourite songs are 'Kiss Off', 'Confessions', 'Good Feeling', 'Fat', 'American Music', 'Country Death Song'...etc. I could go on forever. :)

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like Sister Ray said
Kiss Off's my favorite too. 'Ten ten ten ten for everything everything everything everything', one of the best lines ever penned. I'll always be pleasantly jealous.

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Gordon actually came to my first band's first show, where we covered him in blood! He was a lovely, lovely fella. We bonded because he had some sort of spiritual epiphany in my (then) hometown. He was a strange mixture of religious preacher (Baptist, if I remember correctly) and worldly bawd.

The Femmes were such a great, great live band. Gordon really felt that he was doing the Lord's work onstage, which made the experience very intense.

There is a sort of parallel to Morrissey, in fact, because they were unpopular within the music industry (only lukewarm support from their label), but they were beloved by people who loved music. Also, tunes like "Country Death Song" took honest chances and upset people, which is always a good thing.
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