What album are you listening to right now?


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LCD's All My Friends is a great song (or at least a great collection of bips and boops and looping piano).
It was shown in the documentary about the madison square garden concert too.
The song has a drive, but the individual "instruments" are not really interacting, esp. The piano. It sounds awkwardly out of place.
I personally prefer the neu! Song hallogallo to this one. They were actually composing and had a musical vision of the overall song leading them forward. and they were clever enough not to spoil the result with some imperfect singing.


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One of those tunes that just gets stuck in your head. Mine, anyway.

The imagery is from a program called "That Junior Miss Spirit" showing practices, ceremonies, and events surrounding the year 1970 "Junior Miss scholarship contest" event. The winner was Karen Stenwall Wiseman, you can see her representing the winning state of Arizona on her sash 3:35 and onward. Her winning talent was ballet. She won a 10,000 dollar scholarship, which for 1970 dollars was alot of money! According to the bio on the official website she is still alive as of March 2020 and, "Studied at Texas Christian University and Kansas State; Masters in psychology; Senior VP Marketing for global real estate company; lives in Dallas, TX; three daughters and four grandchildren." The most famous winner from this junior miss scholarship contest was Diane Sawyer(ABC national news tv anchor), she won the event in 1963 representing the state of Kentucky. She also was one of the judges for the 1970 event. She is the one in the pink dress at 2:04 . Another newsworthy winner was Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny, representing the state of New Jersey for 1995. She became a dermatologist, but a cocaine addiction lead to an overdose death in 2015. It was news because the drug dealers moved the body and tried to deflect blame(they provided the cocaine). The two were charged and convicted with some prison time. As of 2020 the event is still held for 17-18 year old high school seniors representing all 50 states. It is now called "Distinguished Young Women".


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His album "Fried" was mentioned by Morrissey as one of his favourites of 1984, although he said that he liked it for its title.

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