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Maybe it's time to question the basic assumption that with regard to the digital world, communication does only take place between human beings any longer. Strange to think, that it is probably just a learning AI device you are dealing with instead. I wondered what the signs are that tell you that it is actually a human being or just a robot you are talking to. Would you really invest much time and thought in dealing with learning AI device? Certainly not.

Consistency seems to be the big goal, not just in customer behaviour, which is yet ever so erratic, but also in AI customer service.

I am not sure, if companies really have the interest to see AI being equipped with "the human touch". Just think of AI becoming capable of empathy and a will to understand. It would turn everything upside down. Maybe you need some human inconsistency for that first of all.
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Normality and nothing beats a very handsome brave Jewish writer like Norman. I enjoyed those interviews years ago. Read about Gore, who I also admired, I'm anything but one or two dimensional, unlike the thickos today. Complexity and fascination. And the Ali interview was interesting. I loved Dick. (The interviewer btw) My next two reads are Adele (he stabbed her) and Jack Henry Abbott's letters. He let NM down big time. Norman was wild and real. :thumbsup:
Read Adele. The Last Party. Written by a true literary groupie. She saw the true James Baldwin and many more. Good writers want someone but actually should not have anyone, too close. Adele was just wonderful, no wonder a great writer wanted her. and she slept with Jack Kerouac. Read the book 📚


Hey. I read In the Belly of the Beast. The final chapter was desperately sad, the saddest final chapter I ever read. I can’t work out if it felt so sad because I knew the final chapter.


Like all girls without a functioning Father she was insightful. I read a note she once wrote (in a museum in Boston) she wrote, People are either givers or takers. She wasn’t talking....lol.
She was clever too. Told Junior not to take flying lessons. Mother 🛩️knows best.
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