What happened? Is it Morrissey?

!Viva Hate!

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That guy Kewpie run off all the smart people. F you, Kewpie. :)


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He does seem to validate a lot of peoples' self-righteousness and narcissism. It's as if they think his attitude somehow opens the door for any bitter, friendless nobody a few personality disorders away from pulling another Columbine to do the same, but it doesn't. Morrissey is one of the few (perhaps only) people I or any of his fans would ever give a pass to for that kind of behavior.

Whether I like some aspects of his personality or not, at least he has something to show for it. Most of his assholish fans aren't really talented or clever enough to warrant their crappy attitudes, though. If only post counts were poems... If only these people at least had a sense of humor!

You would give Morrissey a pass for shooting up a school?
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