What Morrissey fans do you hate

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Just where did this blue rose crap come from?
Skinny was spot on about this Wratten creature. He’s awful to the bone but sadly, he’s got his army of mad lovers (brainwashed cult if we’re honest) lead by seldom gig attendees, Deb bloody Wilts, frantically screaming “blue rose” and that mad Scouse Vicki from er, Ormskirk. She actually resembled big bird off Seasame Street at the Leeds gig, just her dress was white.
It’s high time Wratten was dragged outside. Pathetic individual that he is.

Does anyone know what is wrong with Wratten? I agree he's awful and cruel, but also so tedious. Seems a sad case, that one.


Irish Fergus. Hate that guy such a liar and a cheat. Everyone knows why Marri and lots of others no longer speak to him.

Kill Oncologist

Morrissey’s idiot cousin Jay.

One of the most vacant simpletons I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. No crime in itself but his blank eyed parroting of every opinion Morrissey has ever came out with is pathetic to behold.

Even dimmer than Young Sam, which is an achievement

8:57 from Manchester

Vicki [Full Name Redacted]
gobby Scouse cow who resembled big bird from seasme street at the Leeds
Another self proclaimed super fan and “Mrs Morrissey”
You can only silence her with a Donner Kebab.


its not me its you.
You’ve never heard of Billy One Time, Gimp-Footed Annie, or Hector With The Good Stuff?
how dare you speak ill of gimp footed annie,me and her were very much in love till her foot had to amputated,after a while she met someone else and became footloose and fancy free.

Bridgeton Belle

Has there been a more loathsome creature.
I see he’s also now passing himself off as a Celtic fan.
We have a wonderful dream.
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