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he was the true govinda among the beatles.

from an interview on krishnatemple.com (undated but possibly 1989):
Mukunda: You've been a vegetarian for years, George. Have you had any difficulties maintaining it?
George: No. Actually, I wised up and made sure I had dal bean soup or something every day. Actually, lentils are one of the cheapest things, but they give you A-l protein. People are simply screwing up when they go out and buy beef steak, which is killing them with cancer and heart troubles. The stuff costs a fortune too. You could feed a thousand people with lentil soup for the cost of half a dozen filets. Does that make sense?

from singmyheart.blogspot.com :
Joshua Green, the author of "Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison", attended several recording sessions with George. He said there would always be 'huge trays of vegetarian food' in the studio.

"The thing that repelled me about eating meat was the idea of killing animals. But the main issue is that it's not healthy and not natural." - George Harrison

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Just looked at a tribute to Tim Brooke Taylor on Youtube, who died last week. There's a segment of him on The One show singing "Girlfriend in a Coma".
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