When you first became a fan.....

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It was between You Are The Quarry and Ringleader of the Tormentors, when I was about 14 or so. I wish I had been a fan when Quarry was released though, I imagine that was a good time to be a Morrissey fan. :blushing: Not that it isn't a good time ALL the time, you understand. :)


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what was the next Morrissey album that was due to be released? I was trying to think of a succinct way of conveying my meaning in the above thread, but it all seemed too long.

I got into Mozz just after Your Arsenal and after I'd bought all The Smiths' albums within about a month his next offering was the Boxers EP, which I adored - all three songs. Then when Vauxhall came out it was my first exposure to him having a new album out in the very moment. Obviously I loved it. After that I went to the Oxford Street HMV signing session, then the Boxers tour happened. So what album did he release after you'd just got into him?

The Smiths

i've been following the smiths since november 1981


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Ringleader of the Tormentors was released shortly after I became a fan. But at that point I wasn't a big enough fan to rush out and buy the album on the day of release, or any of the singles or anything. It wasn't until around the time of the release of I Just Want to See the Boy Happy that I became the massive fan that I am now.


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Thousands of miles apart, on the blighted continent of North America, unbeknownst to each other, Pregnant For The Last Time and I were probably weeping in the back of our high school English classes at the same time: "Strangeways" came out just as I was joining the gang-- which at the time, thanks to Tim Broad, appeared to be a pack of morose bicyclists.


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I was a kid when I was a Morrissey fan--I grew up listenin' to the Smiths! ^_^

I didn't really get into the Smiths and Morrissey [like, die-hard-fan get-into], until Morrissey's best-of some years back.


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Greatest Hits, 2008. :o I got into him in early 2007. :o

I got into Moz in late '08 after BUYING THE GREATEST HITS also, making YOR the 1st NEW album of the moment as a proper fan.

Oddly enough though, by 2008 I already owned:

The More You Ignore Me CD single (my 1st Moz purchase)
You Are The Quarry (plus DVD and b-sides)
You Have Killed Me (US single)
Vauxhall & I

Strange I had a Moz collection before I became a diehard fan.

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Years of Refusal, actually. :blushing:

I was going through a Belle & Sebastian phase and I kept hearing the Smiths name bandied about, so I think I downloaded The Queen is Dead. At first I was not at all impressed. By summer of '07 I was enjoying a couple of songs: Cemetry Gates, Boy With the Thorn, etc. Asked for a CD copy of the album that Christmas, and it's basically been no looking back since then.


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I got to know of Morrissey with the You Are The Quarry singles. The first album I knew was coming out, and I looked forward to was Ringleader.
I worked in a supermarket at the time, and they sold some CDs there (mostly new releases). I bought it on the day it was released, on my lunch-break, and spent the rest of the lunch-break listening to as much of it as I could. :)


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a long time ago.

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Got into The Smiths in 2003, and my obsession grew over that year conveniently for 'the comeback'...


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You Are The Quarry :love:


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A guy called John allen aka. flexiface/Davros gave me a tape sometime around '89 and then i got Rank and loved it all!

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31st of May 1983 around 10:15 pm when Peelie(god bless him)
played The Smiths first R1 session


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Back in 86 or 87, a friend in school gave me a tape of "The Queen Is Dead", and that made me a fan.
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