Will Morrissey's Career Return to Greatness?

Will Morrissey's Career Return to Greatness?

  • Morrissey's career will be forever be great, regardless of what happens from here on out.

    Votes: 12 33.3%
  • It won't be easy, but he'll definitely be at the top of his game again.

    Votes: 4 11.1%
  • Starting to fear we're seeing the end, but haven't given upon on Moz!

    Votes: 12 33.3%
  • I'd welcome it if it happened, but I doubt it...

    Votes: 6 16.7%
  • It hasn't been impressive for almost 10 years, and won't get any better. Get off the stage!

    Votes: 2 5.6%

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BrummieBoy - "Facebook Non-Entity"
I didnt ask for your f***ing help because I dont need it! And dont f***ng try to analize me by making up shit that dosent apply. You need to make another appt with your head doctor.

My dear "Playcat2000".

I dearly wish to communicate to you further, but not by being 'off-topic' on this fascinating thread. I have, therefore, taken the liberty of responding to this on the 'off-topic fight-thread' in The Pigsty. Not that I want to fight. I want to help you, my dear. With concern, and in hopeful expectation that we can resolve this crisis you are experiencing. regards. BB.


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I don’t understand what you found so damn confusing about my post as it was straight and to the point. I don’t come here to write page long essays or compose a critical thesis on why Morrissey hasn’t released another Your Arsenal. And I AM serious when I say that Morrissey was and still IS great and will always be remembered for his genius and greatness! You can think whatever you want about me but this is MY opinion and I’m sticking to it. I’m not a follower like you; I won’t join the Morrissey Hater’s Unite club just to be popular and I won’t turn on him either. Yes, it would be great if he was 30 again and full of fire to write and perform but whatever he’s going through right now whether it is physical illness, mental illness, or just plain burnout, I’m going to support him because I love him. You may think his last album was average but I thought it was fantastic and you were probably once a rabid fan and now you’re disappointed in him but I will continue to be loyal and there’s plenty out there who agree with me so I know I’m not alone in this. You really are the minority, you know that right?
Hey Playcat, I'm sorry you feel so angry about my post. For what it matters, I have a lot of respect for you and consequently I was careful to word my post to you in a manner I hoped would not appear offensive.
Don't you think it's appropriate that if two people are chatting and one makes the statement that Moz is great that the other can ask for some kind of qualification?
Let's not be enemies.


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yeah, for me I like both: Playcat2000 & Peterb :eek:
so confused :confused: so hope they work it out :thumb:
Hey Robby, why thank you.
I'm sure Playcat and I will not descend into a row.
I've read her posts and can see she's far too switched on for that.
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