Wonder where Moz will play before the July festival?


Re: Morrissey's Bday gig?

Hmmm... do you know Morrissey's 50th birthday will be in 2009?

As far as we know he doesn't normally announce those things prior to 3-4 months to the date.
Hopefully he will, but we don't know yet.


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Morrissey to play Zaragoza, Spain?

There are serious rumours about the Mozzer playing this summer in Zaragoza, for the ExpoZaragoza 2008 -14th June to 14th September, possibly in July.

Some Spanish radio stations are already confirming this information, although no official statement has been issued yet. There are also rumours of Patti Smith and some others.



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Re: Morrissey to play Zaragoza, Spain?

Thanks for the info. I already read this some time ago. For the moment Bob Dylan and Björk are confirmed artists for the event.

Un ex-Smith

Morrissey es una vieja aspiración. El ex líder de los Smiths lleva 20 años de carrera en solitario sin bajarse jamás del podium de los elegidos, a pesar de sus desencuentros con la industria. Una carrera con largos silencios y esplendorosas reapariciones, que tiene en los directos una de sus principales bazas. Hace dos años, su aparición en el FIB castellonense vino a saldar la deuda contraída dos años antes, cuando su actuación en el mismo escenario se suspendió a última hora por problemas del avión que lo traía.

Morrissey, que nunca se ha prodigado mucho en escenarios españoles, está estudiando su presencia en el Summercase este verano, y la cristalización de esas negociaciones podría acarrear su presencia en suelo zaragozano.

Hay que recordar que dentro del apartado de grandes figuras, la Expo recibirá a Bob Dylan -ya unido anteriormente a la muestra con el apoyo de su canción "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"- y a la islandesa Björk, que viene junto al músico maliense Toumani Diabaté, según declaró recientemente el artista.


And, as the article says, there are also strong rumours about him playing in Barcelona and Madrid for Summercase festival.


I hope he will be confirmed soon for both events :guitar:
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Re: Morrissey to play Zaragoza, Spain?

God, please! :_



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It must be a great venue. If Mozz plays in zaragoza, i'll go there and i'll visit it for sure ^^


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Re: Morrissey to play Zaragoza, Spain?

It would be wonderful! my biggest desire could come true...


Hello Spanish friends,:D I hope his all prayers will be to God's ears

I would like find many friends moz fans ,with whom to share these experiences concerts moz spain .:p


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Greatest Hits Tour - European Dates

When??? Were???
Please come to Spain, to Benicassim!!!
Does anybody know when there will be an annoucement of the Europe Summer Tour Daten?


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If he finally came to Spain this summer, I think it's much more probable he would do Summercase and not Benicassim. But that's just my impression.

PS: Welcome to all the new members ;)

Maurice E

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There's no way he'd headline a British festival as his first concert in months. Way too risky!
Would be great if he did a small club venue as a warm up show. Don't think he's ever done anything like that before although quite a few other festival headliners do it. Once saw Blur in a pub in Windsor a day or two before they headlined Reading. Fantastic!
Can't imagine he'll be doing another UK tour as early as July either.
I expect he'll be doing a European tour or some festival dates over there before hand.
Gosh, isn't it all rather exciting!

So Moz is playing somewhere before the O2 festival, afterall.
Told ya!
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